NI Razor tutorial – Design Powerful Basslines

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This week is going to be an easy sound, but very powerful. One of those sounds that you can always use in any situation!

We start out the sound with two formant oscillators, as mentioned earlier the formant oscillators actually contain 32 waves each, which you can scroll through with the select knob.

This works very similar to NI Massive, where you have the Wave Table – Position knob.

Next up is a low pass filter, this one is just there to control our sound a little bit and maybe to automate in specific sections of our song.

Now it is time to set up some modulation, a good idea would be to use the Macro controls, this way you can always go back to your initial sound and they are very easy to tweak.

Keep in mind that this sound is going to be our “Bread and Butter” sound, the sound that you can always use in any situation.

Therefore it is a good idea to make sure your sound is flexible but at the same time solid.
Just make sure that if you pull all the macros down, your sound is back to normal again!

As a finishing touch we ad a bit of limiting, normally I don’t like the over compressed sounds, but this one in NI Razor just sounds to great not to use! Don’t go to crazy with it but do experiment with the “dirt” parameter, it can add a cool touch to your sounds.

I hope you’ve picked something up from this video, I’m always happy to know what you think!

– Jorgalad


Mart In says:

Wow I dont know whats better the tune that youre making or the tutorial. Both great. Good job.

Khonsu Editing says:

what genre would you call this? i cant really work it out

jkh says:

guitar rig is a powerful easy to use tool

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