Shag Haircut Tutorial – Medium Length Layered Haircut With A Razor | MATT BECK VLOG 46

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Bronwyn Harris says:

um…don’t you want the customer to be able to see?

Penny C says:

Love how you explain in detail your hair cuts…….This is the haircut I want however my hairdresser does not know how to thin out the back like you did. I think I need to show her your video…..videos

Daphane Mcconnell says:

Love what razor does for haircut

pinky sharma says:

wow you are the best

Marzhan Saltanatova says:

Very enjoyable to watch and it is not sooooo long and still all looks detailed and clear, super hair cut, s it suitable for Asian straight hair type, you mentioned it is good for curly hair…this a lot, please continue surprising us with your technics!

Crystal Gail Berardi says:

I like your style and technique when cutting hair. I appreciate the videos. It really helps build confidence as a hairstylist to see the different ways to approach varies styles. You do a great job explaining.

Marta Rivera says:

can you cut. my hair.

sara george says:

Beautiful I. Watched your Hair cutting video many time My hair was thick and longer lately I loosed so much hair planning toget a long layer cut I have no idea what should I explained the stylist, and how It going to look,Matt help m

kristine flower says:

What size sizzle did you use to slide cut?

dandy d says:

This is absolutely amazing hair cut. Thank you you are such a talented guy. Good luck!!

Melisa Wilson says:

This is paris jacksons, haircut….

kalps says:

love it.

happy says:

Can you please cut my hair?

Daphane Mcconnell says:

Maniquins are prettier than what we had in 70’s

Brix DeRossi says:

Would it be weird to send this video to a stylist so they know what I want?

Renee Vandenberg says:

Love love this haircut!!! Enjoyed watching!!!!

Stacy McCaw says:

Where can I find someone to cut my hair this way. I’ve been searching for over 2 years. Myrtle beach SC

Janet Carlson says:

I have , and I’m not bragging people, stylists tell me all the time how great my hair is. I think its because I never do anything to it, I wash it once a week, never blow dry or use curling iron, just let it air dry. It is very thick and full and also very shiny. Its about half way down my back. I love this style. Is there anyway I could get this layered look and keep it long? My husband is one of those….Have ovaries, must have long hair!!

Sarah LaBrosse says:

Love this hair cut! Thank you!

Amy P says:

Love all your videos Matt….so graceful if you can show how to “cut your own hair” for women (layer styles)

Nikki Ezzell says:

If I brought this video to a salon would they watch it or get offended you think?

Barbara Estefania Losavio says:

Hola te veo desde Argentina!! Por favor manda los vídeos en español….están muy buenos lastima que me pierdo lo que decís por el idioma, abrazo!!!!!

mema f says:

I’m quite confused . Are u cutting in an angle i mean when u r elevating each section do u cut in an angle starting shorter to longer ???

Meteorite Huntress Dionysus says:

Just the cut I’ve been looking for. Great tutorial!!

Fran Wright says:

This is the haircut that stylists needed to know when I wanted it as a teen 10 years ago. As a newer cosmetologist, I’m excited to see the proper way to cut ‘the modern shag’! PS I enjoy these videos; you walk through the haircut so well. Thank you for your time and effort to help other stylists!

Barbara Amelia says:

Love it!

Anne Vasallo says:

its called a medium length layered?

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