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In this video I share with you the shaving techniques men used for decades before the market was flooded by 5-blade disposable razors.

You can get that barbershop quality shave in the comfort of your own bathroom, and save the time you will spend waiting for your turn at the barber.

Make shaving fun again by using this old-school wet shave method. You also save money by not having to buy the expensive cartridges that stop working after the first shave.

Watch the video to learn how to get that close shave every time and keep looking clean for longer.


pimpcadillacs says:

Yep there’s not much else to it, to all the beginners out here just dont apply alot of pressure to the razor let that bad boy do the work. Great video buddy.

Quaz says:

any advice for women shaving their face? Same method?

WolfRanger2008 says:

Please permit a little free advice: #1. The shaver should do more than just rinse or dampen the face with warm water pre-shave. The shaver really should thoroughly wash the face because this will remove microscopic dirt, debris and dead skin cells which CAN adversely affect the shave. It also better softens the whisker stubble and opens the skin pores. A sharp reduction in razor burn and ingrown hairs will be among the benefits.

#2. It is strongly advised that the wet shaver use some type of shaving oil(and it does not have to be a “shaving oil” per se but any very light skin, hair and/or olive oil from the kitchen), This is applied after the aforementioned face washing. It will not make the skin greasy but will make an extra cushion for the shaving lather to coat. It makes all the difference in the world especially on the cross and against the grain cuts. Oil may be applied at any time during the shave as the trick is to make the shaving surface as slick and protected as possible.

There is a huge cadre of wet shaving hobbyists, enthusiasts and people just interested in the subject. In any case this was a good introduction to wet shaving for those are just discovering the pursuit. Well Done.

f1f2f3f4f566 says:

Shaving doesn’t make hair grow back thicker. That myth has been disproved.

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