SHAVING MY GIRLFRIENDS FACE ! | Straight Razor Tutorial HD !

SHAVING MY GIRLFRIENDS FACE ! | Straight Razor Tutorial HD !

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Lex Scheffer says:

WTF, why is he shaving he’s girlfriends face, it grows only faster back and she has nothing

BlazeKillzGaming says:


Deandre Cobarris says:

Yo Ejones have Jasmine do a makeup channel my girl is big into makeup now shit would b cool I watch your videos while she watch Jasmine

Aviaz X says:

Ejones your beard is patchy isn’t it

Machucando says:

When your girl getting type hairy so you use making a video as an excuse to shave her

damndood kev says:

Maybe shave ur girls eyebrows next time goddamn

Orlanmd says:


Zain Blake says:

Why not shave the nose too?

_Blue_blood says:

Bro were you got that hoodie


it’s dope how you guys..i feel are real….

imnotsal2468 says:

Ejones the type of nigga to give his girlfriend a bald fade downstairs

DrocDoc says:

My girl would’ve been looking like freddy krueger after my heavy handed ass got done.

ViZu Restart says:

She could shave it with laser so it never grows back tho

Cj Holmes says:

Can I hit?

Naya Js says:

This is better than waxing your face lol which I used to do but now been doing my own razor shaves ever since.

Victoria The Goat says:

I wonder if he line up his girl coochie

Eric Zavaleta says:

I need to do this to my girl she be trippen with all those little hairs on her face pissing me off

NachBx183 says:

No Jasmine,No!!
What’s Good Ejones.
From experience famz,that’s a no,no.
Peach fuzzes grow back thicker when shaved,just ask your moustache.
Just cause you can’t grow facial hair doesn’t means she won’t.
Take care and Big ups.
I’ve learn a lot from your clips,just passing it down.

LiL Chrisy says:

Can anyone tell me the name of that beat he was using shit is actually good

Steve Barry says:

Love your video! Can you make another video with shaving foam? Thank you!

Arthur Storrslll says:

This is clean love ejones one favorite barber’s

Anjel Chavez says:

FINALLLY! #NotificationSquad

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