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My name is Lucy, I’m a 25-year-old girl from the Netherlands, and I’m here to offer an alternative approach to beauty.

On this channel I do mostly hair tutorials where I show you how to braid, pin and style your own hair. I recreate hairstyles from movies & tv shows and I regularly come up with my own, which I love to share with you!

I do lifestyle and beauty videos as well, ranging from wearable everyday looks, makeup tips and DIY natural beauty treatments, to fashion lookbooks, vegetarian recipes and more extreme Halloween tutorials.

If you enjoy history, you’ve come to the right place as well. I have a few series based on historical makeup and hairstyling that are my little passion projects.

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Ayanna Camacho says:

I loved this video, very informative. Ive always wanted to buy a Stainless Steel razor but Im scared and intimidated by them with the possibility of cutting myself. I might just buy one now.

Pieter Ouborg says:

Don’t buy the super expensive blades (got a pack for 4 euro per 10 once….). I got 100 blades for in between 8 and 12 euro roughly (depending on brand; Astra and Derby are good), but that store now only sells to hairsalons ( so you might want to order via your salon. Also, try to get a block of shaving soap and a nice brush with squirrel hair to whip up the foam (Edwin Jagger, but there are loads more brands to choose from), works like a dream and it’ll last you a great long time.
Personally, I have way less trouble with my skin since I switched to these shaving blades (and soap) and it gives a smoother finish. Less trash is always welcome, although I usually take a new blade every other week or so (out of habit mostly).

Marie-Claire Jannine says:

Just today I recieved my safety Razor – in the instruction it clearly says: “Use only on neck and face”!
There’s even listed “not on legs or armpits etc” . That kinda irritated me but I’ll just give it a (very careful) try anyways! 😀
…still I’m wondering why they say that, there must be a reason somehow, don’t you think?

Neela - says:

hi, thinking about purchasing a safety razor and don’t know where to buy one…
so where did you buy yours?

screamingnspace says:

Yes girl yes! I love my safety razor! Mine opens in a different (and I think easier) way. I buy my blades from amazon in bulk so they’re even cheaper. Plus, I find I don’t have to shave as often so I don’t mind that it takes a little longer. Used to have to shave my legs every other day, but now I can go three or four days between shaving!

سهير لي says:

ليش مافي ترجمه

Aemelia S says:

I used these back before plastic ones were pretty much invented and one thing I always found was that they are much sharper and a new blade is the sharpest. When the blade is new was when I was most likely to nick myself.

J. V.L. says:

Oh I really wanted to get one but I didn’t know where to get one in the Netherlands. Where did you buy it?

Desiree says:

this is so so helpful thank youuuu <3

BridgeMetz says:

Did they sponsor you for this video? They should! You give them several thumbs up and have spread the word. I never knew about these and now I want to get one 🙂

DiKi says:

You got me to switch over to a menstrual cup and it seriously changed my life. I wasn’t considering a safety razor, but I’ll do a bit of research and consider it because the blades for my plastic razor are so expensive and they rust and I have to change them so often.

whatevernamelmfao says:

awww this reminded me of my grandpa! he used one of these to shave his face, he had a beautiful kabuki brush with a wooden handle to apply shaving cream as well, very old-school. 🙂

LunaDeFaith says:

Hello was wondering what model your safety razor is? I am interested in purchasing one myself, I am looking at getting an Edwin Jagger type but not so sure. Thank you.

Bargain Holic says:

I heard keeping your blade submerged in baby oil will lengthen the life of the blade.

Miss Caféine says:

I love you made this video ^^

WinsomeMisfit says:

How would you shave areas where you can’t use the weight of the razor like under legs?

Jojo Melisa says:

Where did you get this razor?!

kitfash says:

You solved me. I am getting one.

Leyla E says:

Can you update us on your birth control situation? You made a video a while back about going off hormonal bc and I was wonder how that’s been going and if you’ve moved to an alternative form of bc. If so, what? And what has your experience with that been?

Sdeb132 Debruler says:

We’ve been trying to reduce our plastic use so we’ve been using a safety razor and bamboo toothbrushes.

pkj77 says:

You look so gorgeous….completely honest

Sdeb132 Debruler says:

Our safety razors in the US look like that but the top opens like a bridge when you turn a piece at the bottom then you can remove the old blade and drop a new one in.

KiwiCakeful says:

I’ve been using one for a few months now and I love it!!! I bought a used one off ebay because they last forever. If anyone is scared of changing the blade like Lucy’s, you can get the razors with a “butterfly” opening which is so much easier.

Vaso Vaso says:

Какая Прелесть!!!!!!

Mariyah x says:

Your so pretty x

Charlotte says:

I’m so glad I don’t shave, saves money, waste and so much time

Chara Ayars says:

nice!! great to see this very practical way of adapting a throw away item to a standard, classic option!

Tinnerty says:

I wanted to buy such a razor for a long time, but where did you buy the razor and the blades? Thank you!

Kassandra Nuyten says:

how would you recommend disposing of the blades themselves when you are finished with them? since they’re a singular piece of metal, i would assume that they could be recycled? but how would you cover them or contain them so anyone handling the recycling would not get cut by the blades?

Esther De Loose says:

Where did you buy your safety razor? 🙂

Apiary Apsaras says:

I’ve been using a safety razor for about 10 years and it definitely requires attention and even then I still manage to nick my skin almost every shave. Like any cutting instrument the most important thing is a sharp edge, even kitchen knives will put you in danger if dull because a dull blade forces you to use more pressure and every force has an equal and opposite force.  As a man shaving close around a jagged chin and jawline is difficult with safety razors because if you notice the head of the razor is much larger than a disposable making it really tight to keep the correct angle while curving around the jawline.  I bought mine at a place called The Men’s Room in Palm Springs CA. They are closed now but there is a shop with the same name located in Milwaukee that also sells shaving supplies and they have a complete online shop. They sell Feather HI – Stainless Platinum blades which are the only blades I’ve ever used. A five pack cost $2.25 which is expensive considering they recommend only 8 shaves per blade but I can stretch this with two shaves a week or five months for a single pack. But again a fresh new blade is less likely to cause a nick than a dull one especially with these razors so shop around and try different blades. The Men’s Room sells a sampler pack of 6 top rated blades for $8.50.

MituDjakarian says:

i LOVE shower foam gels from Rituals, they are SO GOOD! >:(

Ingrid RB says:

Oh lord this gives me flashbacks to middle school and high school and having to use my mom’s old razor (because she thought the disposables were too fancy or some nonsense like that). She didn’t show me how to shave though, and I still have scars on my legs that are almost 30 years old — thanks Mom! :-/ As soon as I was working and able to buy my own stuff, one of the first things was a men’s Gillette Mach 3 razor with blade cartridges (men’s because they hold up better than women’s razors).

mentatphilosopher says:

Blades come with different aggression. So the most aggressive is the Japanese Feather blades. The mildest is like Lord or Astra Blue (there are web pages with ratings) and you can get packs of 100 online very affordably as they do not expire. Note that the razors also have characteristics but most new ones sold now are middle of the road. There are also adjustable razors that you can set to go even lighter.

Nea's Little Corner says:

Welcome to the safety razor club! JK:)
Was so cool to see you do a review of one and I hope they get a renaissance! The waste that goes into modern razors is truly amazing!
I own a butterfly opening safety razor from the 1950s with atomic stars on it. Love how it looks, feels and shaves!
Also, this makes a beautiful gift for the men in your lives;) My husbnad uses one too and loves it, it was he who turned me onto them in the first place:)

Mitzy Jiménez says:

I use an epilator for my legs, wax in my face and hair removal cream in my bikini area… I like my method bc every time my hair grows slower… Safety razor will help me like this too???

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