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Hi beauties…

This tutorial is to show you how I trim my hair with a razor. I only trim a small amount and it’s not a full cut. I just wanted a “SHAPE UP” but wanted to share it with you.

Products needed:
– Razor Comb… Any brand but I used the Jibere
– Hair Cutting scissors
– Brush (optional)

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Thanks for watching!!!!

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ThePecanTannedBeauty says:

Yes you do!!! I love it, it just makes it so much easier. As walkway… Thanks for watching and commenting.

ThePecanTannedBeauty says:

That’s awesome girly!!! Thank you for the exposure. 🙂

Jonathan Rader greaser says:

You could totally play up your brows & bring them to the forefront — that’s actually a requirement within the pixie club LoL :0)

ThePecanTannedBeauty says:

Oh, thanks girl… that’s awesome!!!! Thank you for the exposure!!! 🙂

Terry Wilson says:

Hey Pecan TannedBeauty,
I am really loving what you are doing with these haircuts. I have just finish Breast Cancer treatments, and my hair is a hot mess I was going to do a razor cut on it and saw you video. My hair is not quite as long but it will grow.

Thanks I am licensed and I do all of my cuts as well.

Stevie Sugano says:

……Thanks Girlfriend.

ThePecanTannedBeauty says:

Thank you Monica… I love your profile pic! You look so happy. Lol.

Elizabeth Spaulding says:

Brilliant. Thank you

kmatos4life says:

new subbie 🙂

Nini Linda De La Cruz says:

I love your cut it’s beautiful!:) This video is very helpful, I just ordered my razor comb and cant wait to start trying new looks (with weave for protective styling)!:)

Renita McCowin says:

Great video! I have always found your cutting and styling videos very helpful. Keep up the awesome work.

Dev says:

How do you get that incredible shine?!?

Queen Blake says:

Glad your back with hair videos. Nice look

Rogena Cousins says:

I never knew about this ! Razor comb Thanks for explaining what the opposite sides of the comb are for.

P King says:

Beautiful hair cut!!!!! The Mary J song….Loved it then and love it now, I was jamming watching you do your tutorial… 😉

Latoya Hill says:

Very helpful vid. I need to get one of those combs.

Ruby Tuesday says:

You are my go to person, your explanations are 20 words then you do the damn thing. Thank you.

Simone Ollison-Jones says:

Very helpful and informative video! I did a big chop a couple of months ago and I am loving it. I went to my stylist to get a “trim”, and she cut more off than she did for my original cut! I will be doing my own trims from now on. 😉 I purchased a new pair of clippers and will be purchasing this razor comb. Keep up the great work!

Deirdre Underwood says:

Thanks for the video, I need to go out and pick up that comb. like yesterday. thanks again

Uneek says:

I have one of your thinning comb, and I was just wondering how to replace the comb. Thanks.

creativecompanion says:

This is so helpful!  You have a beautiful smile BTW. 🙂

ladytee_73 says:

great tutorial, I brought the comb but wasn’t sure how to use it, thanks

Elethica Ingram says:

Thank you so much for the tips, now i can stop going to Supercuts for a while lol. Love the hair style too.

Amber Dancy-Mongo says:

I’m cracking up!! Girl you keep me out of the stylist chair! Have you thought of long side burns?

Marie Goddette says:

wow I never knew about this! I love your cut!

Julia H. says:

You just saved my hair life!!! I’m so glad I clicked on your video!!! THANKS SO MUCH!!!

JaceOfSpades Yo says:

I work at Sally and I have a short cut but I don’t do hair, and I just got one of these combs! My coworker, who recommended the comb to me, told me to look up some videos on how to use it, and yours is great! We sell these combs, and they’re about $5.99-6.49 regular retail price.

Akeisha Wright says:

is there a tutorial on your hairstyle here

ThePecanTannedBeauty says:

Thank you Monica!!! I like the profile pic… Is it new? Thanks for watching and commenting.

ThePecanTannedBeauty says:

Hi Toya… Yes, I will. Thank you for the request. Coming soon. 🙂

ThePecanTannedBeauty says:

Coming soon!!! :). I thought it was similar to the Chrissy Lampkin video that’s why I didn’t film. Thank you for watching and commenting.

Bitty Reilly says:

OOOO  ThePecanTannedBeauty, I bought this comb to ease horse mane length into a show cut. AFTER watching your video, I actually want to try this over my ears and the back of my haircut.
Well, give my absolute lack of coordination, I am sure mine would be a frightening result. I’d better stick with the horse.
Maybe you will do house calls? I need one of these cuts. 🙂
Thank you for spending the time to make your video. BTW, I laughed out loud with your note about your lips not matching your voice.

Alexandria Miller says:

Hello, I just love your hair style. I want to say thank you for this tutorial, I have had my razor comb for years. I have been to scared to use it, because I might mess up. But today I used it and my sides and nape came out beautiful. No paying someone else. Thanks again.

dove88cw says:

Before you click on it and you see her face I swear she looks like Jennifer Hudson

Stacey Wallace says:

Hi Pecan Tan, I’m sooo glad you’re back. Im so glad you did this video, I have been trying for years to figure out how to take that bulk out of my hair, and finally you broke it down, LOL!!! Thanks again

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