Skin fade faded beard tutorial with sponge brush finish with razor by Sneed da barber

In this video I demonstrate how to do a skin fade doing the fade down technique with faded beard with razor and sponge brush finish


Da Suaveologist says:

Man you are a master barber. That shit looks dope. Wish you were in Miami FL.


Cut was on point where you located

Karanvir Phull says:

just saying you fucked up on his chin line up lol and the line up under the lip isn’t straight or in the middle lol

Amos Sr. says:

“So Fresh So Clean My Brother everything Straight”!!✊✊✊✊

Justin Townsend says:

mad skillz barber love big homie

Angela Singletary says:

Where u located Sneed?

Teno Righteous says:

I don’t get my hair cut any more, now days they suck and they be messing up people skin… not worth it..

Acer beautiful work Buchana says:

wow brother you are remarkable at what you do you actually made Barbering fun again

Julian Payne says:

Those fake yeezys…dope video though

khansahb says:

This dude sound like the coolest barber ever

Patrick Herrington says:

much love. i agree that barbers try to keep this business a secret. i believe it’s enough out here for everybody @personalbarber @exclusiveimpressions

jorge ramirez says:

greetings bro, you really know how to cut hair ,much respect, and I like your Quote about perfecting your craft and skills and then the money will follow. much respect and blessings to you.

neven ramirez says:

this dude is legit fire when it comes to cutting hella fire cut man good job but…why you sound like jay z in a way im done lol awesome cut bro

Baxter Chapman says:

I keep watching this video cause its so stinkin clean …keep doin ya thing man !!

Jurene Tonuao says:

dang you hooked up Ezekiel Elliott nicee lol

datboidox says:

them line are tight as hell.

tense daingerous says:


Thorn of roses says:

“my barber outside in the white 5”

Ted forgetaboutit says:

50 is a barber now?

that's all folks says:

Man, I would kill for hair / hairline like that. Thinning and receding over here.

Sky Mabz says:

thanks .#upandcoming

James Paps says:

Bro lol anyone ever said you sound exactly like 50?

Eazeke Bonner says:

man what type clips you use

Scott Garner says:

Keep doing your thing brotha

Ky'mani Ar'min says:

That line is semi str8. on the left side. if any body can see that

Todd Payne says:

Beast! Cut was on point on all levels. Hair and beard tight….

Gabriel Frade says:

Nice work man, just got a new subscriber. Much love from Brazil.

Ronald Smith says:

We need you in north jersey

quentin dalton says:

What straight razor are you using

Alaendu Okiyefa says:

What’s the name of the clippers you’re using..?

Hooiser1978 says:

crispy work Sneed

dapunisher1000 says:

Clean as hell

Rakim Smith says:

my mans hit him hard wit the clips . sumn serious

Jéff Máthew says:

u sound faded

Juss Murff says:

if a nigga cut my hair like that I would give him a good $50 every time and pray he never stop cutting my hair. PROFESSIONAL BARBERS ARE PRICELESS .

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