Skin taper tutorial with beard shapeup razor finish | by Sneed_dabarber

In this video I demonstrate how to cut a skin taper with the beard trim razor finish… Follow me on Instagram @sneed_dabarber @stricklyskillzbarbershop for all things stricklyskillz related


Phillip Peterson says:

Bro you have the dopest cuts…I’m a barber in training I’ve been cutting fit about 4 years what are some ways I can cut faster? I’m nice but I could be quicker

Josue M says:

50 dollars a cut?! DAMN my barber a give me surgical fades and charge me 15.

Angela Singletary says:

are u doing any more workshops??? come down to the A and do some- This video old but let me know- I help market down here for yall-

King Jai says:

I know barbers that charge $40 but it’s like a VIP package which the haircut last a hour it includes a haircut of course a face massage and a skin mask so I feel it’s worth it

skinnyman BK says:

You should show the finished product at the end. It looks like an excellent hair by the way.

jellybeanrice says:

That’s not your boy if you charging him and over charging him for a haircut, come on bruh!! If anything you should be charging him at least half he is your boy you say smh. You say you making a living and making money if that is the case why charge your boy??

jason kiner says:

sound like 50 cent.

doitBIG lewis says:

Went brazy on dat son

Kal Baker says:

That’s Van from MTVs the shop lol

mr heroe says:

that’s why I’m letting my beard grow … I want some like that

Jon Samuels says:

U r 1 SKILLED individual brotha! Respect!

julius richards says:

did a great job

Darius Stribling says:

The barber in the background is pure garbage….. how his customer had to get out of his chair and use the barbers clippers to finish cutting his beard. He even cleaned himself up but paid the barber. He should give the customer all his money back plus a damn tip lmao

Troublee Fitness and Pain says:

Great job fam

Mark Santiago says:

Beast haircut. Learned so much from this. Really like your method of fading. Keep them coming.

Josue Aguilar says:

50 dollars for that cut? shiii, you cant cut anyways so idk why you charging so much

Kodac Kodi says:

Sharp homie ya boy was he on the show on MTV the shop?

Kavis Poole says:

Celebrities do not pay no fuckin 500 dollars for a cut..even if they have a traveling barber, and I just thought about it.. Sneed charging that, cause he from New York! A efficiency cost 2,000 dollars there and a pack of Newports cost 13.00..I see why my dudes be migrating down south

Silvia Salgado says:

7:30 guy getting haircut look like a retired drake

Larry Sterling says:

My mans in the chair was on MTV BACK in the day on that barber show

BRICKS says:

The Monkey lip haha.

Pierre Boyd says:

tight cut.. time for me to get a good straight razor

Drvinnieboombatts says:

man you can’t say the wahl is the best fading clippers BITCh, to you and your style period; my andis cuts sharper, their stronger, and hella more accurate and precise BITCH fucKKKK U

Hollywood Colb says:

My only problem is he fucked up the fade in the back he went a little too high on a couple strokes

Arlindo Aesthetic Bodybuilder says:

dude got more hair follicles on his face than Jim Jones

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