Step-by-step ASP.NET MVC Tutorial for Beginners | Mosh

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Want to learn ASP.NET MVC 5 from scratch in a fun, step-by-step and pragmatic way? Watch this tutorial and get started.

Table of Content:

00:00 Introduction
02:48 ASP.NET MVC Architecture
05:31 Setting Up the Development Environment
07:38 Your First ASP.NET MVC 5 App
14:34 MVC in Action
21:18 Adding a Theme
26:49 Action Results
31:47 Action Parameters
37:42 Convention-based Routing
42:58 Attribute-based Routing
46:27 Passing Data to the Views
50:30 View Models
54:19 Razor Views
58:38 Partial Views

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Helix says:

“Beginners”, *3-5 months of c# experience*

Nikola Dimitrijevic says:

Hello, I did exactly this, I downloaded file to the Content folder then in the project I right clicked -> add -> existing item and selected the bootstrap-lumen.css, and it appeared int the solution but when I started the app with ctrl+F5, the is no content of navbar, instead there is _Application name only. Do I have to modify this file? I am using VS Community 2017. Thank you. Sorry for asking twice. 🙂

Python Django says:

Sir mosh please make course on Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF).

Aaron says:

In 2018 When creating the Random movie, you do not need to add the “using Vidly.Models” and instead of “var movie = …” use “Movie movie = …” In your controller “@model Vidly.Model” should be “@model vidly.Controllers.Movie” Then your @model.Name and rendering your web page will work.
When applying the bootstrap-lumen.css file, this breaks the nav bar. The result stacks the links and puts it in a drop down menu under Application Name. The nav bar links are not grey, but blue, and when active a darker blue. Also the horizontal bar under the nav bar is dark black instead of grey. I haven’t been able to figure that out yet.

Marijana Orsolic says:

15:15 How he did that? I can’t add property to Name.

AriesT says:

To everyone who has issues with creating the project in VS 2017.
When creating the project, in the “MVC” window, there is an “Authentification” button on the right. Click it and choose the second of four options. The missing files should then be created

Mạnh Khang Nguyễn says:

Thank you for this tutorial !

Muhammad Bilal says:

Hello! Sir, M using VS 17 and wanna know what is the difference between .NET core and simple web app? and if u could just upload the new VS17 simple project for beginner thanks.

Omar Aziz says:

you are a gift from god. I’m graduating in December with a CS degree. My experience is with node and react, but I want to learn ASP.NET. I’m starting now and I will comeback and comment again once I get a job w/ $70k/year

Mutea Jacob says:

im a ASP.NET MVC using visual Studio 2017.. the controllers Account and Manage are not appearing when I start a new project

kiran Sai Gattu says:

I liked this video so much. Is there also a video exclusively for Client Server applications, consuming web services etc?

Srihariraju P says:

very nice article

Haseeb Sheikh says:

After replacing the default template with lumen all things of the template are working but navigation bar is not displaying in the way that it should be.

Rick Adams says:

What is the correct visual studio community version he used…

Asa Galen says:

hi sir when i changed the bootstrap to bootstrap-lumen.css the Home, about, and contact and won’t display on the “Application name” was displayed

Louis Degel says:

Anyone know why you can’t find or install either of these plugins in VS2017?

anything means everything says:

Dear sir
plz explain
how YOUTUBE sets ad between videos

Elizabeth from Grand Rapids says:

Mosh you’re a great teacher! Thank you!

Sheila Subbiah says:

It didn’t work for me. I got to 20:15, hit Ctr+F5 and had errors with Layout
Really nice video, though. Thanks for uploading

Jhonatan Ambrosio says:

Great video, thank you!

ABM Shihab says:

at 01:05:00 , he was talking about a pdf that he had attached to this lecture. Where’s the pdf ? what was he talking about ? How can i get this pdf ?

مدار طراحی صفحات وب says:

بسیار عالی مرسی از اموزش ها

Abdul Mannan Nasir says:

Hi Mosh
bootstrap lumen not working correctly any idea why it does not apply css correctly on pages like navigation bar.. I am using VS 2017 professional..

Jita D says:

The additional Bootstrap file from bootswatch did not apply proper style to NAV bar, so had to switch back to the existing bootstrap. Any Idea what needs to be modified in the bootstrap-lumen.css in order to see the nav bar? I also tried few different styles from bootswatch, but they all mess the navbar.

Mostafa Bagheri says:

damet garm MOSH

Joshua M says:

what are the fonts and colors of your display items in text editor?
I would really appreciate it you share the color scheme.

Daniel W says:

If you had one chance to refactor everything you ever wanted, would you capture it, or let it slip?

Don Dela Rea says:

thank you sir

Hafiz Salman says:


SileNt AnGeL says:

Hi Sir, some of files doesn’t appear in my project such as in folder Controllers AccountController.cs and ManageController.cs , and other files . Why ?

miro hristov says:

Man, you are rock star! I got this course from UDemy! Thanks for the great course 😉

Tamrat Tefera says:

Hi, i’m new to, could you please explain how you imported the css file? Thanks.

مدار طراحی صفحات وب says:

دوس دارم بیشتر از شما یاد بگیرم

Prescott Lawani says:

Hello, I just started your video. I like what I’m seeing so far. I’m a junior programmer so the code doesn’t scare me. However, when I did all the code all the way down to the return View(movie); and try to compile the code I get an error on the webpage that comes up. I’m getting an HTTP 404 error saying the page isn’t available, may have been renamed or has been removed. Any help would be greatly appreciated! I love this course so much, you got that teaching niche most teachers do not have.

sentamil selvan says:


CH UMAR says:

i am also want to learn
at Beginners

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