Try Straight Razor WetShave Kit Tutorial: 208 Gold Dollar for Beginners

Kits are perfect for those who have always wanted to try straight razor/ traditional wet shaving but were not certain of where to start.

We understand it can be overwhelming seeing so many varieties of shaving supplies out there. That is why we have gathered the perfect shave kit made for those who may be new or returning to safety razor shaving. Wet shaving is the answer to so many struggling with the high cost of cartridge razors, or the cheap painful shaves from shave clubs.

Gold Dollar 208 Razor

This is your ticket to self sufficiency and manliness. America’s greatest generation used straight razors. You can experience the closeness, the daring, and the satisfaction of using a real razor. The 6/8″ blade is easy to maneuver & see. The bottom jimps gives you a good grip. This one may not win any beauty awards, but at less than 1/3 the price for the same quality shave as a Dovo, it cannot be beat. And, if you really don’t like it, we’ll take it back.

Best Value Starter Razor – Shave Ready out of the box
Never buy another blade again! Become self sufficient.
Constructed from quality hardened carbon steel
High quality hardened 3″ x 6/8″ carbon steel blade is easy to judge angles, strop, & hone.
Shave better. Shave like a man.
These razors usually can be found online for cheaper but they do not arrive shave-ready.
We re grind the bevel and completely sharpen the blade and make it shave-ready for you out of the box.

The Brush: Omega Boar Travel

Boar hair whips up a lather quick. This brush is great for Beginners for exfoliation and travel! Length: 76mm

The Soap: Proraso Travel Samples

Classic barbershop scent, easy to lather shaving cream, pre-cream for extra glide, and anti-irritation aftershave balm. Volume: 10ml


daniel gross says:

How much would it be if I sent my razor in and had new scales put on it?

Debbie321lopez says:

I noticed out of pure instinct that I mimic your movements with my head while you shave, And I use the discount razor (and yes I am a dude)

drunkinmaster1 says:

Great tutorial!
Especially the trick about the adams apple. Mine sticks out like Mt. Rainier.

lil greek beast says:

I did at me 12.

Michael Welch says:

Excellent tutorial Matt. Very professional w/ no bullshit. Keep up this work.

CJ Phillips says:

I am interested, where do I order

John Dean says:

Thanks for the video. I have been using a shavette and really enjoying it. I will have to take a look at this starter kit.

hookdaddy1973 says:

I find it very interesting. Just yesterday I ordered that exact same kit. Hopefully it will be here shortly. Looking forward to it.

Miguel Torres says:

Great information.  Thanks for the tutorial on using a straight razor.  Straight razors still scares the hell out of me.

Ivo says:

Hey Matt, awesome instructional straight razor shaving video. I didn’t know that u are the straight razor guy.

Andrew Sicari says:

I think that this video – in it’s entirety – is, IMHO, a new canon for straight razor shaving. A great tutorial. Something I will recommend to anyone that wants to learn.

Edward Miles says:

Matt: The brush in the video is very similar to the Omega Bambino/Midget, also a boar brush. Do you know of any brush like these that has synthetic bristles? Because synthetic dries much quicker than natural hair bristles it is much better for travel, particularly on getaway days, in which one must shower, shave, pack and hit the road. Any suggestions you can give would be appreciated.

Paul Francolini says:

GREAT video Matt! Been DE shaving for 2.5 years and started SR shaving recently. As you pointed out, I am not ashamed to use my DE for touch-up and light buffing. For example, I find I just cannot shave my upper lip and chin area close enough with my SR. I do about 2 passes with it in those areas (WTG, XTG) then clean up those areas with my DE. I do manage to get almost BBS on my cheeks with my SR and a little less so on my neck. I like the metaphor of driving a sports car with a manual transmission vs. automatic. Definitely more steps involved but in many ways, a lot more fun! So far, I am on shave #16 with my Gold Dollar 208. I am noticing that with each successive shave I am fine tuning my hand/motor skills that I never thought possible before. I can see now what they say that it’s all about angle and pressure – get a good angle and go very light on the pressure. It’s not as scary as I thought it would be. Thanks for your commitment to the wet shaving community with your videos. I recommend them to a lot of new guys on the forums.

Louis Ta says:

I would do 2 passes and clean up with electric Norelco shaver with lather. But i keep in mind that too much lather in the Norelco affects the speed of it’s spin.

Joshua Stephens says:

I noticed you shave with the heel of the blade. I’ve seen a lot of other videos that focus on the tip to mid-blade. Is there a benefit to this, as I’d imagine you can have more control with the tip.

Technically Brilliant says:

jesus – too much pre shave .

Pete Watson says:

Great vid, ive literally just entered the realm of straight razor shaving and found this very useful many thanks

SpikeG. jr. says:

That’s the reason why I wanted a straight razor, I love manual like things like the stick shift.

MisterBassBoost says:

Awesome! Keep it up!

joy ghosh says:

Can you tell me how to cut the sideburn with the se razor

john jirava says:

i spent over 200 with my kit and i enjoy straight shaving thoroughly. much love guys. also ive been fascinated with straight razors since i was little. if your not sure, tgis is a great package to get. keep up the awesome work guys.

Mr_Chewbacca 1138 says:

The adams apple tip was gold!! Thanks.

Christian Martinez says:

I am 17 my first car is a 1966 Mustang and I learned how to drive three speed in a day

Chris Jones says:

1st off great work on this video series, it’s helping me a lot as I’m planning to purchase a straight razor in the very near future. Also, in reply to your question about the manual car (stick shift), I drove it the 1st time I got into a car as the driver. In fact, I only had 3 lessons and passed my theory and an additional 2 and passed the practical. Anyways, thanks for the useful information you keep providing through your videos

Richard Creger says:

Driving Stick: Matt – I learned how to drive a stick at a used car dealer with the salesman in the passenger seat. Salesman – “You know how to drive a stick right?” 20 year old Me – “Sure!” I knew the mechanics of it, just had never actually done it. Only stalled it once on the way out of the parking lot.

What can I say, I am a quick study.

Bobak Youssefi says:

Matt, great video, I always wanted to try straights and this video inspired me to do so. Hoping this works out !

MICKIN310 says:

man i can wait to get started i shave my head and face so i got a lot of surface area to cover i need to learn how to shave my head without scalping my self . Disposable Safety razors are not cheap . When i was a kit Found my uncles straight razor it flipped closed on my fingers almost slicing the tip of ma finger off . Im ready !!

Dylan smule says:

I got my first straight razor 2 years ago and I would never go back to normal shaving..
at first I was scared and fearful about the cuts and niks but now since I’ve done it over 50 times I would never go back

Brandon Leimgruber says:

Great video!!! Thanks for showing the straight razor some love!! I wish this kit and video was out when I started shaving with a straight!! Thanks Matt, you kick ass!!

APB 28 says:

I watched a video a few years. ack from Geo fatboy at ShaveNation where he was demonstrating a shave with a straight razor and talking about the pros of straight razor shaving so I went out that very day and bought a Dovo razor, strop, a badger hair brush and shaving cream from the “Art of shaving” store that is near my house. I shaved with it as soon as I got home that day. Honest to god, from that very first day of shaving with a SR I was really good with it. Fast forward now after 3 years or so of straight razor shaving it’s become almost second nature to me. I think alot of people’s problem with straight razors is fear, they are so nervous and scared that it’s all they think about throughout the entire shave. Great video, you guys are awesome!

Virgilio Octavio Juárez Parra says:

Excellent tutorial! Great to watch these well produced videos.

marsdog says:

First time I’ve seen someone need to use a leatherman saw blade to crack a tape seal on a paper box. That killed me lol.

carlton reed jr says:

Thanks Man, very informative video, truly appreciate it

daniel gross says:

The first car that I got on my own was a stick lol took me two hours to learn. Learning to do straight razor has taken me a lot longer lol but love it never had a nicer shave than with a straight razor

abrahamchapman says:

I don’t understand Matt’s complaint about clogging the safety razor when shaving off a beard. Yes, I’ve had that issue with some DE safety razors, and a Schick injector, but every Gillette Tech style razor has not clogged on me while shaving off a beard. The hair shakes right off as quickly and easily as short stubble.

Gary Latendresse says:

how can you sharpen a straight razor when my disability causes my wrist to hurt when I use the stropping?

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