Tutorial: Learn How To Shave With a Safety Razor

An introduction to Wet Shaving and How To Shave with a Double Edge Safety Razor. Brian Mulreany of Executive Shaving (aka. DoctorShave) takes you through the entire 3 pass wet shaving process; preparation, lathering up, the actual shave (uncut, pardon the pun) and finishing off. A great tutorial for those just starting in the safety razor wet shaving world and seasoned veterans who are looking for tips to fine tune their technique.

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Executive Shaving Braveheart Stainless Steel Safety Razor:

Muhle R106:

Personna Blades:

Executive Shaving Water Soluble Pre Shave Oil:

Taylor of Old Bond Street Natural Shaving Cream:

Executive Shaving Intensive Moisture Balm:

Castle Forbes Vetiver EDP:

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Frank Dirscherl says:

Excellent video, I’ve learned a lot. Great looking watch, as well. What brand is it?

B says:

On the second pass when you go against the grain are you not putting yourself at risk of ingrown hairs? Great video by the way. You’ve convinced me to buy all this kit.

Riddic says:

Please make a video on how to shave with a straight razor or shavette as in depth as this as it can help many of us who want to get into cutthroat wet shaving.

Lil Boss says:

Why did I watch three passes

krugerbud says:

Nice Rolex Submariner!

Pe Zet Kupiec says:

This guy should be a god of shaving

Tariq Khan says:

Study this video, and listen to this man. I shaved for the first time with my Double edge safety razor today, and although i did not cut myself badly, I did have minor nicks on my face and that was me going super slow.

Harry M. says:

What a Legend. This Man could lead an Army

Graydon Buchleiter says:

Can I use generic shaving cream?

Linuxjca Jca says:

Very good video, thanks a lot, but i don’t understand two things, you talk about a black brush but you use a white brush ? You tell us you use personna blade but i see a blade marked Astra ?

Matt Williams says:

Yup, YouTube officially owns me. I just spent 17 minutes watching another man shave…

Anthony Taylor says:

Great video. Looking forward to doing it myself now. Thanks for the tutorial

Shawns Day says:

They may take our lives! But they’ll never take ,our bump free shaves!!!!!!! ( rows of well shaven men cheer)

Funky Drummer says:

r/wickededge dont wait everyone!

DamuEmran says:

great video. I really want a safe razor now but I have one question “how do you know you shaving at 30 degree angel” I don’t wanna cut up my face.

Septavius Drake says:

You stole peter capaldi’s voice.

Naum Rusomarov says:

wow he’s got some skills.

Paul Schmidt says:

I’ve been shaving for 40 years, and I learned a couple of new things… Nice to see a little bit older fella doing a video, there are problems we have that the kids don’t.

Ivan Hernandez says:

I’m really scared to do this lol

Craig Phillips says:

Just entering the double edge razor zone, and this was the best video I have watched on how to do it properly. Cheers!

EpicWhovian says:

Just wanted to say thanks! I watched this video 2 years ago and decided to make the plunge into traditional wet shaving. Haven’t looked back since! Even delved into straight razor shaving. I used to dread shaving, but now I look forward to every single shave, and that’s no exaggeration. For those of you on the fence, I can’t put into words what it means to take a pesky, uncomfortable, laborious task you HAVE to do every day and turn it into something you WANT to do. There’s definitely a learning curve, and the first couple shaves probably won’t be great, but with practice you’ll get amazing, comfortable shaves and enjoy every minute of it.

R Arizona says:

Scotland’s version of Chuck Norris

Michael Ottesen says:

Do Scotsman shave with kilts on or off?

knpstrr says:

Thought 17 minutes to shave!! Oh, he shaved 3 times, whiles stopping to explain.

Parakh Choudhary says:

This guy drinks testosterone for beverage.


The passes?! Shit, my face usually irritated after the first pass with my safety razor. So I guess I just found out that I’ve been using my after shave the wrong way, in my face. Damn it stings. Lol

belle knox says:

I feel bad for whoever watched this wearing headphones

DukeOfChirk says:

I think this is just the kind of advice I needed. Thinking of going back to DE shaving, as the safety razor cassettes are becoming too expensive to be tolerable. I wish/hope he’ll have some advice on shaving your scalp, too?

Timberwright Svs says:

Excellent demonstration video, Brian. No nonsense and everything’s informative. The best of luck to you.

Dan Honey says:

Remember, do not rinse the blade in the sink basin but rather do it in running tap water since sinks are dirty. In a similar way you wouldn’t do it with your toothbrush. This is esp bad if shaving at gyms etc and you can get bad rashes on yer face

Jim Willis says:

Thanks for having captions for the deaf 🙂

TheAverage Joe says:

There is something just incredibly satisfying about the shave…. It is truly like Zen. You just feel so much better after a good shave!

But, I’ve been using a Gillette razor for years… Just received my first safety razor in the mail and I can’t freaking wait to use it tomorrow morning lol…

John Grove says:

Seems like an older James Bond

Henry Nguyen says:

This is the smoothest and most professional man I’ve seen in a long time. I’m so interested in shaving now, it’s almost like a science.

David Browning says:

I have been thinking about getting a safety razor but have no idea which would be a good one too startt out with? Any suggestions?

Videoscord says:

I face no problem when I’m cutting my face beard with safety razor when it comes to neck I always cut myself

Yves Heinrich says:

I gotta say, as a safety razor beginner, this was the most accurate, and even relaxing just watching it. I tried shaving while remembering this video to ensure I trained well for the shave, hehe, but I felt good after I finished, that I knew I shaved almost exactly like how the video offered. Thanks for this wonderful video!

Josh Watson says:

This may very well be the most interesting man in the world

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