Tutorial: Shaving with the OneBlade Genesis Razor

Watch Brian (Dr Shave) walk you through the OneBlade Genesis Razor and demonstrate a shave.

The OneBlade Genesis Single Edge Razor features a pivoting head, jaw-dropping design, flawless high-precision engineering and a stunning stand.

The razor and stand are made from German Stainless Steel. The Genesis uses Feather FHS-10 Hi-Stainless Spineless Single Edge Blades, which are approximately twice the thickness of a standard safety razor blade.

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OneBlade Genesis Safety Razor

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Executive Shaving Medium Jock in Synthetic (Faux Horn Handle)

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The most honest guy on YouTube!

Raphael Chicayban says:

Great video Brian! You’re a man who puts a lot of credibility into your videos. A lot of respect for your work. I’m from Brazil, but I have many good friends from the United Kingdom. If I have the opportunity, some time, I will visit the Excecutive Shaving base. Greetings from Brazil…!

puffyHamster69 says:

I don’t mind the razor much, but it is a very soothing experience watching this man shave.

Patrick Hutton says:

First pass and against the grain!? My face would look like Ramsay Bolton had shaved my face when angry if I did this with my mach 3 cartridge.

Chris Russ says:

I agree. Brian projects respectability and professionalism. I own this shaver and agree with his comments. If I didn’t live on the other side of the world (Australia) I would consider purchasing from him. Having said that I’m sure his international postage rates would have to be competitive. Maybe an email is in order. . .
The videos are very well done.

Achim Kohlhage says:

Dear Brian, let me say I’m so happy y like the Genesis. It worked fine with me as well, but I nvr really got close to it. Yr stand is on its way since our early afternoon. Enjoy. Achim+

Sahib Singh says:

hey brian can you please do a video about having a good shave on the neck as it always feels rough because hair grows in all crazy directions

Paul Edmonds says:

A very fine company with some wonderful products!.

Philip Brennan says:

Just ordered one from you the other day,I should have it two days from now.

ZimZimmer2010 says:

Thanks for doing this brilliant video on the Genesis Brian. I’ve had mine for almost a year and recently I’ve just decided I have to give up shaving against and across the grain on the chin area and around my mouth because I always cut myself. I don’t think I have particularly sensitive skin. Do you think I have poor technique or my skin simply just can’t handle it? I’m still happy with the Genesis but have resigned myself to two with-the-grain passes.

Ed D says:

Great video again. I looked up the cost in the U.S., $400, ouch. Out of my range but cool to see you demonstrate.

WolfRanger2008 says:

YOU ARE THE MAN! I thoroughly enjoy shave tutorials. But I wish the OneBlade was not so blasted expensive.

Sahib Singh says:

Hi brian you have never done a video on adjustable razors you’ve said it is difficult to see clearly where you are shaving with safety razors having bulbous heads like merkur futur but there are some adjustable razors with which you can see clearly such as parker variant,mergress or merkur progress, rockwell 6s moreover rockwell 6s is a 3 piece adjustable razor which can help reach tight places

Asjad Rehman says:

First view and like

B-MAN says:

With it being such a smooth handle i’d expect some slip with being wet, wouldn’t it? Then again I’ve made the switch to a Gillette Sensor, ever since the upgrade they made to some of the Schick products it gives me horrible razor burn. I ask because with the price I need to pay for another sensor handle (original metal) I could get one of these beauties, or say a Injector (Supply brand) type razor .

Gordon Constable says:

A stunning looking razor. Great video Brian.

diy hooligan says:

Hi Brian, you mention the pros of the genesis, what are the cons? And is there any difference between the genesis and the core in the shaving experience? I was going to email you but thought I’d ask here seeing you’d post the vid.

Robert Matthews007 says:

This is your third shaving video of wet shaving. Best wishes Robert.

TheEnglish49er says:

Nice video Brian. And there is no doubt about it, this is a superb razor. I could wish that the blades lasted longer but there you are.

Zac Atkinson says:

Dr. Shave do you have the Gunmetal grey one?

kenneth w. Davis says:

I love my one razor best razor ever

Sean McCloskey says:

Great shave Brian. Such speed. A beautiful razor, I have the core and saving for this one. The biggest downside for me is getting the blades.

m8cool says:

Not a single dislike. Honest and concise.

I Don't Know says:

Hey Brian, I’ve been thinking about switching to safety razors, and I want to know if you recommend the brand, Van Der Hagen?

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