Ultima Online: COMPREHENSIVE Razor Tutorial (and More!)

==================== INDEX ====================
0:41 About the UO Client
2:50 Finding Razor Files (important for copying macros), note that %appdata%{Enter} in Windows Explorer can get you there too generally
5:50 Macro File contents (just FYI)

6:23 ***IMPORTANT*** Razor Windows 7 / 8 Freezing Problem and Solution

10:36 ***IMPORTANT*** UO Options (Alt O) Settings
-e.g. Turn off Pathfinding, filtering offensive players, and other important features

18:35 ***VERY IMPORTANT*** first steps in Razor MAKE SURE TO APPLY THIS!
-e.g. TURN OFF the “Reduce CPU Usage” option!!!

========= Tips for faster looting =========
29:26 Auto open corpses
30:57 Opening Containers on Same Spot
32:08 Shift-Drag for Stacks
1:12:20 Drop What You Are Currently Holding Hotkey (Save yourself from Carpal Tunnel!)

========= General Tab =========
25:10 General
32:56 UO Razor Map

========= Options Tab =========
26:00 Options
34:18 Override Spell Hues
35:20 Spell Formatting

========= More Options Tab =========
37:28 More Options ***IMPORTANT***
OBJECT DELAY SHOULD BE ~600ms FOR BEST RESULTS (54:20 for example)
44:40 MAKE YOUR SCREEN BIGGER (see more!)–Be sure to have the UO Option (Alt O) set to 800 x 600 for “Game Play Window Size)

========= Display / Counters Tab =========
45:44 (This is very useful to track reagents, bandage timer, etc.)

TIP: You can get the hue # of an item using the new

========= Arm / Dress Tab =========
52:18 Arm / Dress Tab

54:48 Skills Tab (skill point LIMIT)

========= Hotkeys Tab =========
59:07 Hotkeys Tab ***VERY VERY IMPORTANT***
1:05:39 Using Potions using ‘[drink’ commands instead of Relying on Razor’s version (easier) *** IMPORTANT ***
1:07:37 First sample macro (and Hotkeys)
1:15:45 ***IMPORTANT*** Resynchronize Client
1:19:54 Skill Use Hotkeys
1:20:46 Spell Hotkeys
1:22:28 ***IMPORTANT*** Getting out of being Paralyzed
1:23:35 Creating a “vendor buy” / “Guards” macro (and assigning to hotkey)
1:25:59 Target Hotkeys ***IMPORTANT ***
1:29:19 BE CAREFUL OF WHICH ULTIMA ONLINE CLIENT YOU CLOSE LAST if you have made changes to Razor

========= Macros Tab =========
1:33:05 Macros ***IMPORTANT (you should probably watch this whole section!)
-1:45:50 Conditionals using your custom counters
-1:48:51 Drop to Relative Location
-1:50:24 Absolute Target vs. Target By Type
-1:51:12 Teleport using Relative Location
-1:53:51 Simplify Harvesting with Relative Target
-1:55:05 Target by Type
-1:57:08 Double Click by Type
-2:11:09 Using Restock Agent for Training Magery / Resist Safely
-1:58:29 Beware of Movement in Razor macros (desync’ing issue lasts until client restart)

========= Agents Tab =========
2:02:40 Scavenger Agent
2:04:03 Scavenger Agent Issue Problem with Platinum
2:05:21 Restock Agents ***IMPORTANT
-Make sure you have your More Options– Object Delay set correctly (~600ms)!
2:11:09 Restock For Training Magery and Resist (Save yourself from losing reagents!)
2:17:15 Use Once Agent

========= ESPECIALLY FOR NEW PLAYERS =========
1:24:17 Calling Guards
54:48 Understanding Skills and the “Real” Skill Point Maximum (700)
1:05:41, 2:19:47 UOForever’s [drink, [pouch, [doubleclick, [gettype, [servertime helper commands
40:40 Creating a party (If not in a party, monsters killed by your friends will make you criminal if you loot them!). Use the ‘/’ key to party chat
41:00 Guild chat/emoting/yelling/whispering
1:55:28 How to renounce your young player status early
2:13:15 Getting More Bandages to Heal Yourself
34:43 Opening your Spellbook (Alt B) and getting spells-Drag scrolls to spellbook

========= OTHER TIPS =========
19:29 Using a different client version than the “official” UO Forever version (e.g. the latest EA client)
**** I Don’t Mention it in the video, in Hotkeys +Macros, The “Stop Current Macro” is a VERY important hotkey to have set! (I set it to the Escape Key) so you can stop a macro at a moments notice! ****


Dallas Van Winkle says:

Thanks for the “drop what you are currently holding” hotkey, thats one of the few things I’ve never used in Razor (or if I have, I don’t remember).

b dog says:

Thanks (TONS) for the index!

Boss Paw says:

Thank you sir, this is very helpful.

Realrexor Hawkins says:

Been playing for 3 years and theres still things i didnt know about this vid helpt a LOT keep on the awsome work

John King says:

can i somehow use spells without double clicking them all the time before i can do an attack? its annoying

TheWendolGuild says:

before you make another video blow your nose and clear your throat try some hot tea or something lol

TheChesnokov says:

the fuck is this so complicated for, i just want to play the god damn game. already lost interest with how complicated it is

Fred Porter says:

watching it. super chunk/bomby

Shawn L says:

problem; Even following forum tips; RAZOR STILL MAKES THE STUPID CLIENT FLASH EVERY 10 seconds! It is THE most annoying  system thing Ive seen in a mmo.

Silidons says:

Thank you for this, I am completely new to UO and was trying to figure stuff out (like how to open the bank lol) so helping us noobs out with the super basic stuff!

James Pyle says:

What is the point of the [pouch macro rather than just using useonce pouch macro or something? Bit confused on that.

Dakota Johnse says:

mine says “called runscript when not marked in progress,”

John Schumacher says:

Don’t let these comments get you down dude. There’s hundreds of quick and dirty razor guides. We can afford to have a couple like yours.

Lateknight says:

thank you for doing this video. helped me a lot to getting started on the sever!

James Pyle says:

Some of the stuff that you just said were like total opposite of stuff I just heard in another video from a huge PvPer.. like for instance using the toggle Razor hotkeys on and off for one..

Not saying you’re wrong just an observation

Gamingcrafter 215 says:

Thank you so much for this awesome tutorial, if anyone is interested in what IPY3 could of been check out An Corp, same coding team that did IPY + some new people. 

Daniel Marques says:

Tried to make a macro for spiritspeaking/dispel but when I contact the netherworld my razor does not read the SysMessage “you contact”

Here it is:
UseSkill SpiritSpeak
Pause 6.50sec
If (SysMessage “already”)
CastSpell Dispel (#41)
Pause 3.00sec
Wait For Target
Exec: Target Self
End if

can you gimme a hand? I think the problem might be because the server is running no 2.0.3 client and my razor is at 4.0

joseph stevenson says:

Great video thx a bunch! You are the man! Is there a way to set a macro to unstack a stack one by one?

Bad Cat says:

Huge thanks to you for this video, it helped me a lot

MrCwhitt75 says:

Is there anyway to maximize my play screen? Annoying trying to play uo on a 30 inch monitor only seeing 5 inches of game

Никита Евгеньевич says:

but takes just me i’m not a criminal
no no no no no no 
just wanna loose control xD

Se7en9monte says:


Ant Morris says:

Hey man! Great video. I am moving here from UO Hybrid. I will be watching you videos and posting questions when i have them. Thanks!

RequiemFrost says:

do you know how to make a timer display on how long until a bandage applies

TheGreatmoose lXlRAGElXl says:

I have to say ty, for putting up this server..i know your dev. just pass the word to the whole team. =)
nice vid very helpful.

l Reaper says:

this is awesome im a returning player and after watchthing this i was like ahhh yeahhh i forgot about some things thanks for the guide 🙂

Devin Grady says:

I wish I could thank you more personally, but this was fantastic. This server is in fact my first UO experience (due to that reddit post) and every time you mentioned one of those redundant newbie tips I sighed with relief. Thanks a bunch man, good job.

deathscreton says:

Wanna thank yah for the video upload. Just like Devin, this is my first time exploring UO and I still have many questions as to accounts, classes and the such. But watching this video has given me a lot of insight on how to go about starting out at least. Many thanks Alan. 

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